Hacking Methods

In this time, the hackers are getting advanced and learning to adapt to every circumstance that could block them on their way to get valuable information or to earn money. As companies are making effort to make their data secure so hackers are also stepping up the game so they could be on track. They had improved onto what they are using and doing. Even if it is the same sense but there is a difference that it may seem legit that could allow victims to be hacked.

One of the ways they use is labeled as social engineering. They will use your social account to look for information from your posts or tweets or messages to find out your password and other account information. That is why be careful about posting information. Another way is the simple hacking coming from the former employee or anyone who was associated with the company before. Even if they are not given the password but if an employee that is authorized wrote it on a post-it note or saved it on the computer or it was seen when he is typing.

Another method is baiting which is used to let a victim open the file or the email that would lead to the hacking of any details or files. They could also get information on the posted data on the internet where one has an uploaded information. Hackers also use the unsubscribe button to let the victim download the malware or virus to attack the victim and get personal information. If it occurs frequently, do not just open it.