Sensitive Information and their Location on a Computer

Company owners, bank employees, or government employees should always be careful especially when they store sensitive information in a computer. Even business owners should be alert and always think of the security of important information. Whether it is your own information or someone else’s, security is very necessary especially if the information is very sensitive. Sensitive information refers to credit card numbers and passwords, bank accounts, phone numbers, driver’s license, personal address, any identification card including passport, information about a patient, WiFi passwords and more.

All the information mentioned are considered sensitive. If you don’t want to inform others about these sensitive information, whether intentionally or accidentally, then make sure that your computer is secured. Again, strong and powerful passwords are very important. About the location of these sensitive data, you can find it anywhere on the computer such as browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, files on the My Documents folder, emails, contacts, sticky notes, to-do list, calendar, removable drives or flash drives, and many other possible locations. See this great cleaning company to do the household chores. Click website here 淨麗美清潔服務. They are useful and helpful.

Hackers are smart but you should be wiser and smarter. Leaving a computer open when you go somewhere even for just a moment is the best time for thieves. Thieves come unexpectedly. So, always shut down your computer and make sure you put a difficult password. Don’t leave any hint about your passwords. If you can remember all your passwords without writing it, then that’s good. Also a good cleaning service is needed over this service from resources here 淨麗美清潔服務. If it is possible to put password in all the locations of sensitive information, then do it.