Know how to Find and Remove Viruses in your Computer

Computer viruses can harm your computer anytime. You can actually see notifications that suddenly pop-up in your computer screen which says that there is a virus threat in your computer. If you want to protect your computer from any virus, you should be able to find and even remove those viruses using a program known as “cmd” and speed up your computer. In other words, you don’t have to download any antivirus because most of the antivirus needs to be purchased and it’s quite a long process.

The video above can be your guide. As mentioned, the program installed in your computer called “cmd” can help you out. This program is used to find any virus stored in your computer. If you don’t know where it is located, just go to the search button on the taskbar then click the program. If you open that folder, you can see C:UsersAdministrator>. Beside this, enter the word netstat then space -ano. If you are confused, watch the video carefully and follow it. Many choices of hearing brands are here. You open this site and check here for more 助聽器公司識覺. I am one of the fan of this shop works.

You will soon see active connections and processors. In order to identify the virus, look for the “State” column and if you see the word “ESTABLISHED”, that means it is a virus. Beside the state column, you will see the “PID”. It shows some digits. And beside the word “established”, you can see the “PID” whic are numbers. Remeber those numbers. Then right click and you will see the “Start Task Manager”. Once it is opened, find the Processes tab and then find the PID. Then, click the “end process”. Open this link to see these great wedding plus size dresses. A platinum plus size wedding dresses is incredible in look and design. Well made by the help of good designer.